Dr. Lana Petru is currently President/CEO of Liderology Consulting GRoup. Previously she was Sr. Vice President of Learning and Performance at the Center for Performance Learning (CPL) where she focused on select industries such as Healthcare, Technology, and Energy. In her work at CPL, she is committed to supporting organizations with developing customized learning that aligns with strategic business initiatives and drives results. Dr. Petru also continues to support leadership development through her consulting firm Líder·ology Consulting Group. Dr. Petru has been instrumental in the development of learning strategy and implementation of learning solutions for corporate and executive education during a span of almost 20 years.

The foundation of Dr. Petru’s expertise comes from her experience as a K-12 educator. Dr. Petru has developed or overseen the development of countless customized programs that support performance improvement in areas such as language proficiency, process improvement, cultural diversity, emotional intelligence, and leadership. One of her biggest accomplishments was her role in the development of a California approved certificate for teachers of English learners that prepared California teachers for using a multicultural education approach in the classroom. Dr. Petru’s years of extensive research in leadership for her dissertation position her as an expert in most leadership theories, especially Transformational Leadership. Her exploration of transformational leadership established “the impact leadership style has on organizational success”. Dr. Petru has also conducted extensive research in “Element of the Bond” Theory, Adult Learning Theory, Multiculturalism, and Dispute Resolution Theory and she has explored multicultural issues for almost 30 years.

Some of Dr. Petru’s more recent activities include her work as Subject Matter Expert for the development of the Women of ALPFA Leadership Workshop Series. Dr. Petru is Co-Founder of PODER2Educate, a nonprofit dedicated to making a positive impact on student success by increasing parent engagement in schools. She also serves as a facilitator and coach for LatinaVIDA. Dr. Petru’s commitment to education and serving the community, especially the underserved, continue to manifest through her many professional and personal endeavors.

Dr. Petru earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in English with minors in both Spanish and Sociology from the University of Texas. She also completed a Master’s of Arts in Education and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Dr. Petru is a licensed non-attorney mediator through Texas State University-San Marcos and an EQ Certified Facilitator, in addition to possessing other certifications in various leadership related areas.